One Way or Another.
i'm gracie. nineteen. north carolina.
the stage is my home.
i dance every step.
i sing every word.
cuddler, laugher, dreamer, and hand holder.

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe. Home Message history random - about me -- my face - Theme
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Paris in the rain | Christophe Jacrot


Bands I Love (in no particular order) - Regina Spektor

We’re living in a den of thieves. And it’s contagious ”

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long road trip today but it was worth it




#Lestrade reminds me of that sarcastic single father #always poking his nose into his teenage son’s business #like #Dad why are you in my room what are you DOING #….IT’S A DRUGS BUST #DAD I DON’T DO DRUGS OMG #I know but you’ve been really standoffish lately and coming home late #and last night you brought home a pink suitcase #Son I’d love you no matter what but I’d appreciate it if you didn’t hide things from me #Dad omg Dad stop JOHN IS OVER omg #and on all of the first dates Lestrade takes them to the side #and is all try not to punch him #he’s my son okay and I know he can be hard to handle but #don’t punch him #or hurt him #if you do I will arrest you #you little fucker #HA HA HA I’m kidding I’m sure you’re great #and when the date didn’t work out #DAD THEY DUMPED ME #well don’t commit suicide #omg Dad omg I can’t #Or when the kid is younger and wants to know what sex is #NOT MY DIVISION ASK YOUR MOTHER #but Dad- #ASK YOUR MOTHER can’t talk I am busy #/shoves doughnut in mouth #And when later on his kid is an adult and announces they’re getting married #OH MY GOD REALLY?! #Dad…

I can’t, even. Reblogging for the notes, obviously. Read them if you want a snort in your tea, or coffee, or non caffeinated beverage if you are an alien. Oh! Oh! Just thought of another one!

#Dad, I wanted a holiday with JUST John! You just had one! #Well, I fancied another. #Dad! #And I have the room right next to yours…hello John! #DAD

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Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (1908-1909)


Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (1908-1909)

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that’s it. that’s the whole show.

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Matilda the Musical + Ninja Moves

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